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We’ve made the opening 11 minutes of our slasher flick, now we are in search of the means to finish the remaining 80 minutes!


HUNTER is a slasher-horror film made by horror fans, for horror fans. Following the murder of two fellow classmates, Jason and his friends, Quinn, Garret, Chad, and Bea, discover that something horrific is going on in their little town. Someone, wearing the mask of a convict, is savagely murdering people of this small college town. The convict is Hunter Westbrook, a man wrongfully accused of murdering four girls seventeen years prior. The staff at the local university and sheriff’s station appear to know more than they’re revealing, leaving the students to wonder if they’re, in fact, next. The five friends decide to take it upon themselves to investigate the killings and discover the truth before they themselves, fall victim to HUNTER.

Official Poster for HUNTEROfficial Poster for HUNTER


HUNTER is under the direction of Ryan Shovey, who’s past directing credits include the award-winning retelling of The Tell-Tale Heart and the ever popular web-series, Zeik’s Bad Day, a modern love story for the undead.

Ryan co-wrote the script with story creator, Ross Alagna, a University of Central Florida graduate. Ross has his first feature film in post-production, Collin & Cally, which will be released to on-demand markets, such as iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, etc.

Official Still #1Official Still #1

We were fortunate enough to acquire an amazing cast and crew to shoot the short film with us. Please learn more about these amazing people by clicking on their names below:

Pedro Lucero (Producer)

Chris Tharp (Cinematographer)

Courtney Lacombe (“Valerie”)

Blain Sanchez (“Chris”)

Liam Day (“The Killer” & Stunt Coordinator)

Vaughn Morris (Composer)

Official Still #2Official Still #2

HUNTER is being produced by Freak Daddy Productions, based out of New Orleans, LA. As owner of Freak Daddy Productions, Ryan creates music videos, short films, and commercials for clients across the country.

HUNTER is currently in the pre-production stage. Above, you will find theHUNTER short film that was made in 2012. The short film is the opening 11 minutes of the feature film script, and it gives a first look into the unique, original, and sometimes-bloody world of HUNTER. It foreshadows the gruesome events to come. Please visit for more exciting insight.

Official Still #3Official Still #3


Every cent raised for HUNTER will go towards making HUNTER. We are aiming to create the next face in horror, and with your help, you can help make our goals, our dreams, and our love of film all come to the forefront. Making an independent film, while it may be considered cheap for Hollywood standards, is still expensive. We have to hire cast and crew, equipment, makeup, wardrobe, and that’s just production! Someone still has to edit, do special effects if need be, etc. Our goal for the film is to raise $50,000, which is only about 5% of the budget for Insidious and only 1/5 of 1% of the budget for The Cabin in the Woods.

These are the T-Shirt designs. Click HERE to find out more information on sizes, styles, etc.These are the T-Shirt designs. Click HERE to find out more information on sizes, styles, etc.


Our goal of $50,000 is the bare minimum it will take to finish the film that we already started. We do, however, encourage you to not stop there. Our dream is to acquire above and beyond what our campaign says. With your help and trust, we can make this the best independent horror movie ever! We can’t do this without you. With $100,000, for instance, we can hire more crew, SAG actors, get the best equipment available, and deliver to you a better quality film than we could ever make for $50,000. Sure, sounds easy, right? With your contributions towards this endeavor, you can make your mark in horror film history. We love film, and if you’re reading this, you love film just as much. Help us create the next face in horror: HUNTER.

As with any film project, the biggest risk is actually funding. The fact is this, if we do not have the funds to finish the film, we simply can not finish the film. This is our first feature length movie, so the chances of us actually making money lies solely in selling the finished product online, via iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, or to a distribution studio who will sell it on DVD/BluRay or put it in theaters. A better quality movie and ability to hire better talent made possible by your contribution will greatly reduce this risk factor.

Our film is budgeted at $50,000 and every cent will go towards the many facets that make up a film, including pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Marketing (film festivals, distribution, etc.). At the moment, the biggest challenge is actually making the movie within the budget we have allotted. We will need to buy insurance, props, make-up, hire a limited crew, get locations, rent camera gear, lights, sound gear- the list really goes on and on. This budget ensures that we finish filming and editing in a timely manner to have a product to distribute as soon as possible. Without your help, this project will be dead in the water.

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RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Once we are funded, the journey to finishing our film begins. Along the way, we have the risks of filming delays, weather delays for exterior shoots, hard drive failures with footage lost, as well as scheduling conflicts with cast, crew, and locations. Our plan to over come these risks will be pre-planning every aspect of the filmmaking process. For instance, we will have a solid schedule for locations and cast, with back up locations and shortlists just in case anything should arise. We will also have a total of 3 hard drives to store footage, one for capturing and logging on set and as general backup, one for editing from during post production, and another to keep just in case of any hard drive failure along the way.

We also will have production insurance which will cover liability, should anything happen on a certain location or to an actor.

These are setbacks that happen on a regular basis. The best way to avoid or bounce back from them is with a solid plan of attack should anything happen. This is one of the highest priorities on our list.